About Us


Zepol Productions Inc., (ZPI) was founded with the charter to deliver custom brands, programs, sales and distribution services to emerging innovative manufacturers.

With 24 years of distribution experience in our founder and over 60 years combined experience between the company’s leaders producing,  launching and managing private label and exclusive brands for distributors and resellers comes natural to us.

Zepol’s principles have designed a unique, concierge, exclusive brand program for distributors and resellers that  allows key partners to enjoy the benefits of a private label program without any of risk, investment or liability.

There is no one in the market with more experience and programs under their belt than ZPI.

Our Vision

To innovative manufacturers Zepol is an inexpensive Tier 1 Distribution partner that enables them to stay focused on product excellence as they launch into new markets. Our success derives from a deep business intelligence and proven process of diligent evaluation and flawless execution.